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Tax reduction

Your donation to the association Les Anges Gardiens entitles you to a tax reduction because it fulfills the general conditions provided for in articles

200 and 238 bis of the general tax code.

 If you are:

  • Particular: you get a tax reduction of 75% of the amount of your donation (within the limit of €1,000 and 20% of your taxable income above 66%).

  • ​Ex:for a donation of 100€ you have a tax reduction of 75€ so it only costs you 25€

  • Company: your financial participation allows you to benefit from a corporate tax reduction of 60% of the amount of your payments, (capped at €20,000 or 5‰ (5 per thousand) of the company annual turnover excluding tax. If the ceiling is exceeded, the excess can be carried over to the next 5 years).

  • ​Ex: for a donation of 1000€ you have a tax reduction of 600€ on corporate tax to pay so it only costs you 400€

You will find by clicking on the pdf an explanatory sheet on the tax reduction.

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